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On February 25, 2022, this year’s Lecture Series Program for Young Plant Biologists (FIANÖVELŐ) was successfully held. 4 postdoc and 7 PhD students competed in separate groups for the award of best performance. Representing the Journal of Plant Physiology, one of the editors-in-chief of the journal, Uwe Sonnewald, also participated in the jury. The program ended with a presentation by Csongor Freytag (University of Debrecen), this year's winner of the Scientia Amabilis Foundation. The prizes for the best performances went to:

  1. Brigitta Lantos (ELTE)
  2. Arnold Rácz (University of Pécs)
    They also got invitation to write a review paper for the Journal of Plant Physiology in the Early Career Researcher category

    PhD students:
  1. Eszter Széles (BRC)
  2. Szilárd Kovács (BRC)
  3. Máté Sági-Kazár (ELTE)
  4. +1 Gyöngyi Major (University of Pécs)

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